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Information for Friends and Family of Belvidere Assembly Plant Employees, Suppliers and Other FCA Employees

Do you know a Chrysler / FCA employee? Learn more about the Chrysler Employee Advantage Friends Program at Anderson Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.  The Chrysler Friends Program allows an employee (or retiree / surviving spouse / designated subsidiary - affiliate) to offer a discount to up to six friends and extended family members during each program period. This program is designed to encourage friends and family members to get behind the wheel of a new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle. There are a number of people who may qualify for the program, as well as a few official rules to keep in mind.

Who Qualifies as Friends and Family?

The Employee Advantage Friends Program includes friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and extended family members of employees, retirees, surviving spouses and designated subsidiary / affiliate.

Basically, eligible employees include anyone who is a current regular employee, anyone who has been laid off, or those on-roll in any US-based FCA company. If someone worked for FCA and is now retired (including the former Chrysler Group), they may also qualify if they have sponsored pension benefits. Those who do NOT qualify are supplemental workers or contractors, as well as retirees not receiving sponsored pension benefits.  This program lasts until January 2, 2020.

How Does the Friends and Family Program Work?

Eligible employees will receive a program control number that they can give to their friends and extended family members. This number can then be given to any participating dealerships in the US.

How Much is the Friends and Family Discount?

The retail purchase or lease price of any vehicle under this program is called the "Preferred Price". The Chrysler Friends Program allows friends and extended family members to receive Preferred Pricing.    Preferred Pricing is a maximum 1 percent below factory invoice pricing (plus a $75 administration fee).  The Preferred Price (PP) is printed right on the factory invoice.

Model Eligibility

There are a number of eligible vehicles for the program. Below is a breakdown of eligible models:

2019 Model Year

Eligible Models: All Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram models (including Charger and Challenger SRT and Grand Cherokee SRT)

2020 Model Year

Eligible Models:  All Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge (including SRT) and RAM

Ineligible models:  Pacifica Hybrid, Challenger Demon and Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

For questions about the Chrysler Friends Program, call Anderson Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM at 815-408-9910 or stop by and visit with one of our FCA Program specialists! 

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